[eBook] Why OLED is an Ideal Light Source for Aerospace Applications

September 15, 2021

Over the last 100 years, airplanes have allowed us to experience the wonder of flight while creating a more interconnected global community through fast, comfortable transportation. However, for manufacturers, choosing the right materials and technology for their products can be hard, balancing the comfort and experience of passengers and crew with the performance, cost, and environmental impact of the materials they choose. OLED lighting creates a glare-free illumination, a comfortable in-flight experience, while offering a lightweight and thin package that can reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

In this eBook you will learn how OLED lighting:

  • Reduces the total weight of lighting systems and consequently, fuel consumption
  • Expands design and integration options due to low operating temperatures and ultra-thin profiles
  • Utilizes individually addressable segmentation to offer unique branded experiences and uniform signage throughout the airplane
  • Creates comfortable, glare-free illumination for passengers and crew
  • Benefits can apply beyond the aircraft to airport terminals and rest areas

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