OLED Lighting Makes a Splash at Auto Shanghai 2021 Conference

April 28, 2021

Today marked the final day of Auto Shanghai 2021, one of the world’s largest automotive conferences. The eight-day event ran from April 21-28 at Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center, and OLEDWorks was thrilled to participate with our own exhibitor’s booth, for the first time in-person since the beginning of 2020. Thank you to our team in China and to our partner STMicroelectronics, who helped manage our booth during the show.

The Attendees

Without a doubt, what makes these events so special is the culmination of experts from around the globe and across the industry. This year’s Auto Shanghai brought together some of the foremost engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers in the automotive space. We are grateful to the organizers for putting together an event that was informative and exciting while still being safe.

Auto Shanghai Conference

Auto Shanghai Conference at Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Conference Center

Auto Shanghai

Auto Shanghai

Auto Shanghai, German Pavilion Hall

The OLEDWorks Booth

OLEDWorks presented numerous OLED lighting products and concepts at the conference to show the broad capabilities and design flexibility of OLED lighting technology. From individually addressable segments in digital rear lighting, to branded and flexible panels, OLEDs proved to be the ideal taillight solution for modern vehicles.

OLEDWorks Booth at Auto Shanghai

OLEDWorks booth at Auto Shanghai



OLEDWorks Auto Shanghai Booth

Attendees in the OLEDWorks booth

STMicroelectronics Demonstrator

STMicroelectronics demonstrator in OLEDWorks booth

OLED Lighting in the New Audi A6 e-tron Concept

One of the highlights of the conference was the reveal of the new A6 e-tron concept vehicle by Audi, featuring the newest generation of digital OLED lighting technology. In the video below, you can see the beautiful three-dimensional effect of the OLED lighting technology. The higher number of individually addressable segments compared to previous iterations will lead to increased customizability, breadth of communication possibilities, and safety for drivers.

Digital OLED lighting technology in the A6 e-tron concept

Visit the Audi Media Center to learn more about the A6 e-tron concept vehicle and see additional photographs and videos.

We loved our first ever experience at Auto Shanghai, and we’re looking forward to our next opportunity to share OLED lighting with the world!

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