OLEDWorks Demonstrates Newest OLED Technology for Rear Automotive Lighting Applications at CES

January 10, 2022

OLEDWorks Showcases Newest OLED technology for Rear Automotive Lighting with 10X Higher Brightness and Segments at CES

Last week, OLEDWorks started the new year off with a bang, traveling to Las Vegas to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world, bringing together the best and brightest across industries ranging from consumer electronics and software to automotive technology and manufacturing. This year’s event ran from January 5-7, and we were thrilled to showcase the latest in OLED lighting technology for automotive applications with the automotive community.

Next Generation Automotive OLEDs: 10x Higher Brightness and Segmentation

The primary feature of the OLEDWorks booth was the premiere of our new automotive demonstrator that showcased the latest advances in OLED lighting for rear applications, including deep red OLED taillights and amber OLED panels for brake lights.

Automotive OLED Lighting Demonstrator | OLEDWorks

Automotive OLED lighting demonstrator by OLEDWorks

Thin profile of automotive OLED lighting | OLEDWorks

Thin profile of automotive OLED lighting

Previous models of OLEDWorks’ automotive panels had 40-60 segments per panel, but the panels showcased in our demonstrator had up to 600 segments. As the number of segments increases, OLED panels can display increasingly complex images and symbols — and therefore more comprehensive information — to nearby vehicles, effectively increasing safety on the road.

Close-up of automotive OLED lighting panels | OLEDWorks

Close-up of OLEDWorks’ latest automotive panels


Our team met with industry experts to discuss the communication capabilities, ultra-thin profile, and color options of custom OLED lighting solutions for the automotive industry.

Visitors at OLEDWorks CES booth | OLEDWorks

Visitors at the OLEDWorks CES booth

Visitors at OLEDWorks CES booth | OLEDWorks

If you’d like to learn more about OLED lighting, reach out to our team to discuss your ideas, projects, and questions.

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