KUMOLED by iart
KUMOLED by iart

A KUMOLED brings a natural atmosphere into your living room. Its effects recall the daylight that shines through the shōji paper of a traditional Japanese home, and changes in mood depending on the time of day and weather conditions. The KUMOLED combines the warm, diffuse illumination of the organic light-emitting diode, OLED for short, with the intelligent control system flokk and minimalist design.

The lamp’s reduced design is based on dual-faced OLEDs, graceful metal connecting elements, and a base of wood. A KUMOLED has much in the way of technology to offer, too, although this remains quite unobtrusive. Using an integrated sensor, the fixture assesses the ambient lighting conditions, as well as having the capacity to interpret weather data from the internet. It engenders unobtrusive, animated illumination and simultaneously ensures that the amount of light in the room remains constant. This results in a natural, dynamic effect that creates a pleasant atmosphere in your living room.

KUMOLED lamps are based on the patented «infolight» principle, with the aid of which visible animations can be achieved while maintaining constant light emission. The amazingly thin design – double-faced lamps of only 4.2 mm thickness – is enabled by OLEDs with a wiring aperture developed in conjunction with OLEDWorks. With the aid of a sensor that measures brightness, light quality, colour temperature, and contrast in the vicinity of the lamp, lighting animations can be created in a context-oriented way.

SV01S03 | View Specifications
Equipped with OLEDs that shine front and back, this floor lamp creates animated lighting moods. Its direct light is equally suited to a comfortable reading corner or to an entry area to the living space.

SHL03S03 | View Specifications
This graceful floor lamp produces subtly changing illumination towards ceiling and floor. Three double horizontal OLEDs set attractive accents of light in the living space.

SS01S03 | View Specifications
A light sculpture with three dual OLEDs, between which the light is veritably condensed. Animated changes in illumination continually elicit new configurations in light.

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