Ostal brings peace and relaxation to the at-mosphere it illuminates. The high-quality manufactured aluminium housing is available in various colours paired with unique wood and stone inserts. In addition to the typical direct radiation surface of the OLED light source, lens inserts can also provide ideal illumination on the work surface. The luminaire has a straight surface as an uplight on which crystals and other precious stones can be placed. This allows them to unfold their full power and fill your room.

With sustainable and diverse design elements made of natural materials such as wood, soapstone and marble, the simple and timeless beauty of the Ostal luminaire finds a fitting place in any room. The simple and modern design rounds off the ad-vantages of the integrated OLED technology perfectly. The combination of an organic light source with a specially developed coating and the perfect design of the Ostal luminaire creates a completely new sensation of light.

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