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Imagine OLED Light for Aerospace and Rail Applications…

Current Solution

Design and engineering of the interior cabin of trains or planes is a balancing act between space utilization, managing operating and maintenance costs, meeting safety and regulation requirements, and passenger comfort. Choice of lighting technology can play a critical role for many of these factors. Currently used fixtures are often recessed lighting with uneven, high-glare illumination that can put strain on the eyes. Fixture bulk can limit placement options within the interior and add unwanted weight, resulting in extra fuel consumption. For longer, overnight journeys, improper illumination spectrum can also interfere with the circadian rhythm and lead to sleep disruptions, worsening the common adverse effects resulting from travel, such as jetlag.

OLED Light Solution

OLED lighting can address many of the design challenges found in the train and plane cabin environment. With an ultra-thin and lightweight profile, high efficacy, and long lifetimes, OLED panels offer weight reduction and low power consumption to help manage operation and maintenance costs.

The compact nature of OLED lighting, when combined with the glare-free, diffuse illumination from the panel, gives flexibility for integration on horizontal and vertical surfaces and compact spaces, providing more design freedom to optimize cabin lighting for passenger comfort. The illumination from OLED lighting is also low in spectral content shown to interfere with melatonin production, which is ideal for helping passengers get the rest they need and adjust to their new destinations.

The inherent surface illumination of OLED lighting technology also provides the ability to selectively address certain area segments of the panel with high contrast, which enables the ability to communicate with passengers or crew through light for safety and branding purposes.