L+B 2018 Recap + Customer Leaflet Now Available

April 3, 2018

Want to see all the fixtures and concepts featured at Light + Building 2018? Find them here in the OLED Customer Leaflet! 

You can also watch what fixtures and concepts were featured in the video below as well as our recap of the daily activities at Light + Building 2018!

Light + Building 2018 Recap

Day 6

Last day at L+B, the OLEDWorks team has had a successful week! From introducing our new Brite 3 and BendOLED panels to announcing the OLED Licht Forum, the team was able to show visitors OLED lighting in its beauty and possibilities.

    OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018

crowded OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018   

Day 5

Inside our booth, there are many customer fixtures and concepts that have been created. Below are only a few of the fixtures designed with our OLED lighting panels.

Curly pendant by Escale    Interactive OLED Light Installation by iArt    OLED desk lamp Moon by Philips

From left to right; the Curly pendant by Escale, Interactive Light Installation by iArt and Moon by Philips. The Curly and Moon feature our BendOLEDs. iArt’s installation creates not only attractive lighting but also atmospheric as well.

OLED EyeCare Lamp by Lumlight    SAIL by Eureka    Solis by Kichler

From left to right; OLED EyeCare Lamp by Lumlight, SAIL by Eureka, Solis by Kichler and behind it Concept 315 by Rich Brilliant Willing.

OLED desk lamp OMLEDChick by OMLED    wall mounted OLED fixture Chalina Flip by Winona

OMLEDChick by OMLED                            Chalina Flip by Winona

pendant OLED fixture Olessence Slim by Peerless     OLED chandelier MAMA NON MAMA by Manifattura Macchine Soffici

Olessence Slim by Peerless                            MAMA NON MAMA by Manifattura Macchine Soffici

To see all fixtures and concepts featured at our booth, you may find them here.


Day 4

Visiting other booths at Light + Building. OMLED (Hall 5.1 Booth D21) features fixtures with our OLED Lumiblade panels. Make sure to stop by their booth to see OLED lighting panels in action!


Day 3

David Dejoy and Wolfgang Görgen at OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018

Another busy day for the OLEDWorks team but still all smiles with CEO and Co-Founder, David DeJoy alongside Managing Director, Wolfgang Görgen. There are many panels featured in the OLEDWorks booth, such as our recently announced Brite 3 series. Our OLED lighting panels have been used to create fixtures featured in our booth but also in other booths as well.

   LumiBlade Brite 3 warm white


Day 2


crowded OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018

The OLEDWorks team continues to be busy! Talking about our products, fixtures and more with customers, the team sparks up more interest to our Lumiblade OLED lighting panels. Throughout the day, the booth has been packed!

We have also officially announced the OLED Licht Forum. The OLED Licht Forum is a panel of experts of OLED lighting industry with the purpose to foster the development of OLED lighting technology and sustainable lighting. You may find the PDF leaflet all about the OLED Licht Forum here. Below are the founding members of the OLED Licht Forum.

Members of the OLED Licht Forum

Thomas Emde (featured below) is the OLED Lighting Designer.

Thomas Emde, lighting designer


Day 1

Come visit us at Booth #G62, Hall 4.1 to experience lighting as it is meant to be!

OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018   OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018

interactive OLED light installation at OLEDWorks booth at Light + Building 2018   OLED fixture YEE by AQForm

Our booth has officially been set up for Day 1 at Light + Building! Our big announcement for this year’s show: the official release of the Brite 3 series and BendOLED!

LumiBlade Brite 3 warm white    LumiCurve Wave