Brite 2 FL300 warm white

With its second generation of the OLED Panel Brite FL300 OLEDWorks brings OLED lighting again further into functional lighting applications, by featuring a more efficient and more beautiful OLED lighting experience.

With the luminous flux of up to 300 lumens the FL300 ww is still the brightest OLED lighting panel in warm white commercially available worldwide.

The Brite 2 FL300 ww is available at two integration levels making it the ideal building block for every OLED lighting application to be used in the area of functional lighting.

At 8300 cd/m2At 3000 cd/m2
Efficacy (Lm/W)5763
CCT (K)30003000
Lifetime (K hrs)1050


The following products are available in warm white:

  • Brite 2 FL300 ww N w/o Rset Level 1
  • Brite 2 FL300 ww AO Level 2
  • Brite 2 FL300L ww N w/o Rset Level 1
  • Brite 2 FL300L ww N AO Level 2


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