Brite 1 FL300 warm white mirror

Revel in the possibilities.

The Brite 1 FL300 OLED lighting panel is available also as a warm white mirror (wm) product that showcases the magic of OLED – a beautiful thin mirror becomes a beautiful light with a flick of a switch.  This product, although it has lower efficacy and brightness, has growing interest in hospitality, retail and custom projects due to the unique wow factor.

The square version of the Brite 1 FL300 wm is available in three different integration levels. The options include the fundamental panel at only 1.3mm thick, a mounting integration level with backing plate and cable, and a version based on level 2 with a frame on the front. The rectangular version Brite 1 FL300L wm is available in integration level 1 and 2.

At 3800 cd/m2At 1450 cd/m2
Efficacy (Lm/W)2630
CCT (K)25002500
Lifetime (K hrs)1050


The following products are available for the Brite 1 FL300 warm white mirror

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  • Brite 1 FL300 wm N Level 1
  • Brite 1 FL300 wm AO Level 2
  • Brite 1 FL300 wm B1 PCAL Level 4
  • Brite 1 FL300L wm N w/o Rset Level 1
  • Brite 1 FL300L wm A0 Level 2


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