LumiCurve Wave

Introducing the first OLED lighting panel on the market, commercially available on flexible glass. As part of the new LumiCurve product family, the Wave is processed on 0.1mm thin Corning® Willow® Glass with an efficacy of up to 62lm/W, a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, produces 300 lumens, and is flexible to a minimum radius of 10cm.

With the Wave, you still have all the benefits of the Lumiblade Brite Family – organic, sustainable, efficient lighting panels, only now, these benefits are available in paper-thin, flexible form.  The Wave marries feather weight elegance with bold lighting functionality paving the way for exceptional design concepts from architectural lighting to transportation.

The Wave opens a new range of solutions for conventional and unconventional lighting applications, enabling creative freedom. Let the Wave of innovation begin.


LumiCurve Wave
Warm white At 8500 cd/m² At 3000cd/m²
Lumens 300 100
Efficacy (Lm/W) 55 62
CCT (K) 3000 3000
CRI 90 (R9 50) 90 (R9 50)
Lifetime (K hrs) 10 50
Neutral white At 7000 cd/m² At 3000cd/m²
Lumens 250 100
Efficacy (Lm/W) 43 47
CCT (K) 4000 4000
CRI 90 (R9 75) 90 (R9 75)
Lifetime (K hrs) 10 50

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