Lighting Design Collaborations

Be a Part of the Solution

OLED lighting continues to advance with improved performance, expanded formats and additional color temperatures. This is the integration of new OLED materials, inventive light extraction technologies, lower cost manufacturing approaches, and more.

Do you have technologies that are part of this evolution? Be a part of the solution.

OLEDWorks is proud to be a Department of Energy test site for OLED solid-state lighting technology. In this role, OLEDWorks can provide OLED coating services, test evaluation and other R&D for industry participants that want to test materials and processes at manufacturing scale. Through an application process, this work can receive funding from the Department of Energy. This is an excellent opportunity for substrate suppliers, material vendors, encapsulation processing and others to explore OLED integration issues and accelerate collaboration.

Examples of completed projects include studying OLED material thermal limits during deposition and building OLED lighting and measuring efficacy for light extraction substrates.

If interested in the DOE test site options, please contact OLEDWorks at