Oledrian by AQForm is one of the first fully functional luminaires based on OLED technology. The Oledrian next 120 suspended, the Oledrian 90 suspended and the Oledrian next wall are a natural extension that allows the user to use both the advantages of OLED panels and the functional characteristics typical of modern LED luminaires. Thanks to the Bluetooth® control, you have the option to program, save and select various modes of operation. At full power, the Oledrian achieves a luminescence that provides conditions ideal for office work. With one touch of the screen of your smartphone, you can also change the mode of operation. Utilizing Lumiblade OLED panels from OLEDWorks, the luminance can be limited to 3000 cd / m2, thereby reducing glare, while maintaining a satisfactory light output. Regardless of the operating mode, Oledrian offers almost perfect color reproduction (CRI> 90, R9> 70), and the light emitting panels are illuminated with perfect uniformity. The award winning Oledrian series of luminaires are designed by Piotr Jagiełłowicz who takes his inspiration of aesthetically purified, abstract forms from the work of Piet Mondrian.

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