German lighting specialists, Systemplan GmbH, have set their sights on making OLED lighting and all its advantages, available to everyone with its “SPOC” OLED product line.

The most obvious advantage of the SPOC OLED light fixture is the unrivaled thin form factor. Systemplan had a frame specially designed for this product line enabling them to create a 3mm thick luminaire. The modules are also very light weight, making it possible to stick them onto almost any surface. In combination with Systemplan’s proprietary control unit (SP-OLED-01G01), the modules become a self-contained light fitting, which can be powered with a standard 24VDC power supply.

SPOC OLED luminaires are available in two color temperatures, warm white or neutral white, and in a range of standard shapes and frame designs.

By using a special printing process, Systemplan also offers custom frames in just about any graphic design desired. This is to allow the customer’s imagination and preferences dictate the design. It could be to match the color of a showcase or shelving, kitchen or bathroom décor, special themes in children’s rooms, or with corporate colors and logos…the possibilities are unlimited with “SPOC”, an OLED product line from Systemplan.