The Future of Train Travel: AeroLiner3000

AeroLiner3000 – From Space to Rail

The British rail industry body RSSB recently launched a high-profile competition for innovative projects with the title “Tomorrow’s Train Design Today”. Andreas Vogler Studio and the German Aerospace Center DLR were proclaimed outright winners of the competition and were able to present their winning project Aeroliner3000 in a full scale demonstrator at Innotrans 2016. This is a train, which makes you think that the future has already arrived: with aerodynamics, elegance and efficiency the AeroLiner3000 should be delighting passengers in the UK in just a few years.

The AeroLiner3000 is a double-decker train design. The new lightweight construction of the car body itself is being hailed as a great technical innovation, but also the interior design of the train brings far more flexibility and is able to accommodate up to 30 percent more seats. By incorporating 38 wafer thin Brite FL300L OLEDs into the ceiling (22 in the upper level and 16 in the lower level), a lot of interior space could be gained, whilst also improving lighting conditions for passengers wanting to read business documents, books and magazines, or work on their laptops: the low-energy OLED light is glare-free, dimmable and comfortable.

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