Lumlight OLED EyeCare Lamp

Lumlight – OLED EyeCare Lamp

Eco-friendly light with panel replaceable module.

The Lumlight OLED EyeCare Lamp is designed by Lumtec (Luminescence Technology Corp.), headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. This lamp uses Lumiblade OLED Lighting panels and a patented “Panel Replaceable Module”. It allows DIY replacement of OLED lighting panels. The socket comes with a unique design to ensure a proper connection and safety. On top of that, the 360 degree adjustable hinge maximizes the illumination area. This lamp is foldable and easy to carry around. Once folded, it looks sleek with a thickness of less than 10mm, one of the thinnest OLED lighting lamps ever.

The Lumlight OLED EyeCare Lamp is nominated for the  2017 Innovative Product Award at the Taiwan International Lighting Show and for the 2017 Good Design Award in Japan.

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