Pugnale & Nyleve

OLED Luminaires by Pugnale & Nyleve

The Italian designer duo Pugnale & Nyleve have committed themselves to the form of the OLED light.

Several luminaires have been created under their aegis, each of which has boasted a personal touch that sets them apart from the ordinary. Take the Cherubino, for example: a small statue of an angel sits atop two Lumiblade GL350 OLED light panels mounted on a right-angle bracket, perfect for subtle bookshelf lighting. The angel itself is solid, milled aluminum. Vittorino, on the other hand, uses four Lumiblade GL350 OLED light panels that face inward instead of outward, illuminating a feather in their center. Both lights are also connected, and can be integrated without any trouble into an existing wireless lighting network and controlled using an iOS device.