Dentist office in NYC

Don Kossar and Meyda Custom Lighting collaborated on these two customized OLED lighting fixtures consisting of 118 Brite 2 FL300 nw OLED lighting panels for the u-shaped fixture and 108 Brite 2 FL300 nw for the rectangular one. The OLED chandeliers were created with Meyda’s advanced team of engineers and manufactured utilizing state of the art laser-cutting technology in its 180,000 square foot facility in Yorkville, New York. One is installed in the stairway and the other in the reception area of Dr. Pasquale Malpeso’s dentist office, located on Park Ave in New York City. The spaces are illuminated by the fixtures, without harsh glare creating a pleasant, comfortable working environment. This combined with the friendliness of the staff creates a welcoming atmosphere where patients feel comfortable and supported.

Dr. Malpeso’s office is a beautiful example of human-centric lighting – combining patient and staff well-being with modern lighting technology. This understanding and integration of new technologies – both dental and lighting – makes patients feel like they’re in good hands.


Luminaire Manufacturer: Meyda Custom Lighting

Lighting Designer: Don Kossar Interiors

Installation Site: Pasquale J. Malpeso, D.M.D., P.C