Theater an der Elbe

Theater in Hamburg (Germany)

Hamburg is one of Germany´s busiest and most attractive cities. Its port – one of the largest in Europe – sees container ships and cruise ships coming on an hourly basis. But Hamburg is also well known for its night life. Now, the city has a new venue for musical theater: the “Theater an der Elbe”. The new building offers visitors something special including highly modern architecture, a generous foyer with an open gallery, glass facades, and appealing bar areas. One highlight in the new building is a dynamic OLED light installation designed by Hugo Timmermanns which consists of 500 OLEDs. Timmermanns experiments with dynamic light patterns and seeks to fascinate the visitors with ever new variations on the theme of light in darkness. He creates a feel-good atmosphere with the pleasant light characteristics of the OLEDs which also animates conversation among the guests. They are built into lamps in the shape of a pyramid, make the light patterns envisaged by Timmermanns possible.