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Let’s work together to develop the next generation of OLED lighting solutions for commercial and consumer markets.

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Automotive Solutions

OLEDWorks is collaborating with innovative thinkers in the automotive industry to utilize the benefits of OLED light to increase safety on the road and energize the consumer experience – join us as we revolutionize the future of automotive lighting.

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Integrated Solutions

OLED lighting can be embedded into any material, laid onto a variety of flexible and rigid surfaces, and is ultra-thin and featherweight making it the best light source for any product. Whether it’s a train, kitchen appliance, or nighttime athletic gear, let OLED light the way for your next design.

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If you’re just getting started on a new OLED installation, or are considering a custom OLED project, we’d love to help! Just drop us a line to get help from our team of experts.

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