BPWXLD 6-21U-004 6Watt 44mA Driver for Brite Amber

BPWXLD 6-21U-004 6Watt 44mA OLED Driver


One driver for up to 3 Brite Amber panels. Highly reliable, rugged construction for different applications. True 0-10 volt dimming, IEC 60929 compatible. 1% current regulation and no flicker. Color coded flying leads for simple assembly and installation


Universal Input (100-308 VAC, 50/60Hz). Ingress protection to IP6. -30 to +75°C ambient, 80°C maximum case temperature. Flying Leads for AC and OLED connections. EN 55022, Class B; FCC Part 15, Class B. Meets UL/CSA and EN Product Safety Requirements. Overcurrent, short circuit (shorted string), open circuit (string break) and overload protected


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