LD0196-01 Brite Amber Driver

LD0196-01 Brite Amber Driver


The LD0196 is a compact 44mA OLED driver module providing true current regulation over a wide input voltage range (10-24VDC). These drivers have 0-10V dimming capability and are ideal choice for powering OLEDWorks Brite Amber OLED panels. The LD0196 compact form factor and feature set allows for easy integration into OLED lighting products driving single or multiple chains of OLEDs.


Dimensions (PCBA): 1.5” x 0.80 x 0.134” / 38mm x 23mm x 3.3mm
Input voltage: 10-24VDC
Output Voltage: 5.8 – 21.6VDC
Output Current: 44mA constant current
0-10V Dimming (IEC 60929)
22AWG Wire Leads

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