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Imagine OLED Light in Kitchen Appliances…

Current Solution

The look and feel of refrigerators and freezers has changed significantly over the years, integrating more sensors, indicators and other smart technologies. One aspect of the overall design that has progressed more slowly is the lighting in these units. Many models still use incandescent lighting, which is inefficient and generates unwanted heat in the cooled space. Higher-end models are starting to incorporate more efficient LED lighting, but illumination can often be uneven and have high amounts of glare. Both approaches for lighting the appliance are bulky, taking away precious space from the interior of the unit and hampering the placement and ease of reconfiguring its contents.

OLED Light Solution

Void of the need for heatsinks, diffusers, or reflectors, OLEDs are ultra-thin, lightweight, and compact, and can replace the bulkiness of current lighting used in refrigerators and freezers, allowing the interior space of the appliance to be used for its intended purpose. The low profile of OLEDs also gives the flexibility for lighting to be incorporated on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the appliance, from back and side walls, to under shelves and inside drawers. This, combined with the low glare, high quality illumination provided by the panels, enables good viewing of contents, with excellent color rendering so the food is appealing in appearance. Energy efficient, and cool-to-the-touch during operation with excellent lifetimes, OLEDs offer a low-maintenance lighting solution that can take the evolution of these appliances to a new level.