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OLEDWorks nurtures collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers for this journey of OLED product creation.

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Our mission is to empower the development of next-generation OLED lighting solutions for commercial and consumer markets

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3L Design


3L-Design, located in Switzerland near the Lake Constance, aspires to absolute customer satisfaction for every requirement of OLED-luminaires and illumination solutions.

By utilizing the health and sustainability advantages of OLEDWorks’ OLED lighting combined with natural materials, they aim to create an OLED-exclusive portfolio. The designs reflect the beauty of nature and technical finesse paired with the most peaceful quality of light ever experienced.

Aamsco Lighting

United States

Since inception, Aamsco Lighting has been at the forefront of bringing the latest technology in lighting to market. Examples are the original Ferrowatt® Vintage Edison Lamp, the Filament LED and our patented Alinea® LED luminaire. We are excited to incorporate the latest OLED technology into our designs, specializing in boutique hotels and restaurants. Through our partnership with OLEDWorks, we will be providing new, unique lighting solutions, as well as offering custom design capabilities to suit any individual need.

Acuity Brands

United States

Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) is the North American market leader and one of the world’s leading providers of lighting and building management solutions. The Company’s products and solutions are sold under various brands. Since 2010, Acuity Brands has been investing in the development of OLED lighting solutions, demonstrating advanced lighting concepts such as application efficiency, task-surround-ambient, gestural control, and user responsiveness. OLED products are offered through are offered through Peerless®, Eureka® and Winona® brands.



Archilume is a lighting design studio offering contemporary, decorative LED luminaires for interiors. Founded by industrial designer Saleem Khattak, Archilume offers pendants, wall sconces, and feature chandeliers in a variety of configurations in addition to custom design for hospitality, commercial and residential projects. Archilume’s mission is to evolve with the ever-changing LED lighting industry to create lighting products that inspire by incorporating technological innovations in light sources paired with innovative design.

Arcio Lighting

United States

The designers, engineers, and craftspeople of Arcio Lighting are fixated on one thing: light. Fusing high-end material with the latest in OLED and LED technology, Arcio develops new ways for light to be used and displayed with a human-centric focus. All manufacturing and assembly is done on-site in Milwaukee, WI. Arcio Lighting is an Oldenburg Group company.

BD Design


BD Design is active in designing and making lighting fixtures for more than 50 years. As an established name in the business, we are always on the look out to adopt new technologies to combine with high end craftsmanship and deliver our customers the best solutions in the retail and interior design project market for yachts, hotels, museums, and more. OLED technology from OLEDWorks is a great example of how to integrate new technology in our authentic designs.


United States

EnlightenHome prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and design within the lighting industry. “Working with OLEDWorks brings components to the table that literally shock with delight when people experience the quality of light that can be produced in a form factor that is less than 2 mm thick. Couple this with the potential to be embedded in materials that were once off limits to the lighting world, and the creative design potential is limited only to imagination – which is precisely how it should be.”

ESYST s.r.o.

Czech Republic

In ESYST we live with modern lighting. We are one of the most important suppliers of intelligent tunable-white lighting, interior lighting, garden lighting, industrial and public lighting in the Czech Republic.

We believe in innovative solutions that support a happy and healthy life, save costs and the environment. We are customer oriented.

SME innovative company, established in year 2009. Located in Czech republic, Brno, Vídeňská 119.

Exist Tribe

United States

After his time in the Navy SEALs, founder Robert Watson Sweetman II began to research global sleep health and found that much of the world is suffering from poor sleep. From here, Robert founded Exist Tribe, a company dedicated to improving the sleep health of the world by offering sleep technologies and furthering sleep science. Exist Tribe chose to partner with OLEDWorks because of the shared vision of creating technologies that support customers’ health and well-being. With a comfortable, diffuse quality and options free of blue light that can interfere with sleep patterns, OLED lighting is an ideal match for Exist Tribe’s sleep technologies.

A portion of proceeds from Exist Tribe goes directly to Veteran Brain Health Treatment.



Since 1987, Eureka, an Acuity Brands company, has been working relentlessly to enhance the environment of the end user with compelling lighting solutions. Passionate design and manufacturing of best-in-class, distinctive, specification-grade decorative luminaires enable lighting designers, designers and architects to transform concept to reality. OLED aligns perfectly with Eureka’s vision  to push the boundaries of architectural decorative light to bring great lighting to everyone’s space.



Headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Formpost focuses on the distribution of electronic components and electronics manufacturing, assembly, and development. With a long history in the OLED and LED industries, Formpost uses their years of experience and technical capabilities to work with design houses in realizing their ideas. Formpost is one of the first companies in Eastern Europe to sell OLED lighting engines, and among the first in Eastern Europe to create a commercial OLED lighting project. “For many reasons we think that OLED is the next step in interior lighting.”

Fresh Beam

United States

Fresh Beam is a concept lighting design and fabrication studio that creates unique illuminated objects from vintage industrial metals, reclaimed plastics and translucent stone.

Founded in 1999, our museum-quality pieces are in numerous private collections.

After exploring alternative ideas in natural earth reclaimed products we are launching OLEDorganics™ in June of 2021. Our ethos melds Illuminated nature and integrated OLEDWorks technology to match our design aesthetics with superior color quality and minimal heat. We feel this is an ideal partnership.


United Kingdom

Pairing product design with art, HagenHinderdael are an award-winning London duo who pursue a design approach that explores the relationship of lighting and large scale installations in immersive environments.

Each product is developed with the concept of a corresponding interactive installation. This approach translates products into components of spatial structures at often architectural scale. The particular products blend traditional craftsmanship, cutting edge technology including OLED, and locally sourced sustainable materials.

hatec Lichttechnik


The products of hatec are developed and designed according to the most modern aspects and the state of the art of today’s lighting technology. The basis for this is the many years of experience in luminaire construction and the consistent application of both proven techniques and the latest developments from the luminaire sector.

In addition to product safety, we also pay attention to the sustainability of our products.

Jiangsu First-Light Technology Co.


First-Light Technology Co., Ltd is committed to be an OLED lighting total solution provider, including the sales of OLED panels and ODM for OLED luminaires. We design and develop a variety of OLED products to satisfy people looking for eye-protection, style, environmental protection, and energy savings, etc. Our excellent products have been delivered to Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Collaborating with OLEDWorks, the leading OLED panel technology supplier, we can provide comfortable and healthy lighting products with high quality.

Lumenique LLC

United States

Lumenique, LLC is a design and art studio that has been creating unique lighted sculptural portable lighting since its first gallery sale in 1987. We chose OLEDWorks products for our latest designs, which combine architectural and machine design references, made combining leading edge tools and approaches with hand finishing. OLEDWorks is perfectly suited to our need for a high color quality, low glare, direct and indirect view diffuse light source with compact packaging.

Visit the Lumenique SSL Blog



Lumilan is a top-tier OLED lighting company in China, focusing on the development of OLED emissive materials and devices. In recent years, we have expanded into the design and manufacturing of lighting fixtures.

Quality of light can influence people’s physical and mental state. Exposure to sunlight improves our moods, and OLED lighting generates the most natural light across all man-made lighting sources. As a veteran of the OLED lighting industry, we hope to promote the latest OLED lighting and beauty of design to our local customers and provide them with a healthier, happier and more environment-friendly lifestyle.

Eye protection and safety is paramount to our values and can be found in every one of our projects, from an ultra-thin and minimalist fixture designed for professionals, to a kawaii style fixture designed for teenagers.

“Lumilan brightens your future” is our company slogan and the direction we are striving for. We admire the contribution of OLEDWorks in improving the energy efficiency of OLED lighting and hope that our cooperation can bring customers excellent products and high-quality life.



Professional light in a perfect shell is our passion. Every lighting solution should be as individual as the architecture. Finding the ideal lighting solution for every room and its use is a challenge for us. Our high level of technical knowledge allows us to utilize the latest OLED and inorganic LED technologies to develop perfect, individualized lighting solutions. Together with planners, architects, interior designers, dealers, executing companies and building owners, we develop the optimal lighting solution jointly and on an equal footing.

Mike Randall Design


Mike Randall is a lighting designer proudly based in Victoria, British Columbia. An expert in wood-bending, Mike combines complex traditional craft with contemporary and minimalist forms, resulting in refined pieces that spark wonder and joy in both residential homes and commercial spaces. Mike Randall Design fosters a philosophy that if we look after our immediate environment, global issues will become easier to manage. With that in mind, OLED’s are the ideal light engine to design for as they have a minimal environmental footprint.


United States

“The Channel Partner Program has already been very beneficial in providing marketing insight and access to top technical support. I believe that the program will allow us to enhance our partnership  & that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Having access to the most cutting edge OLED lighting technology and providing superior technical and business support really makes the program attractive.”



NEO/CRAFT combines traditional craftsmanship and modern production techniques. The studio in Berlin designs and fabricates exceptional living accessories, furniture and lamps that can be used in many different contexts.

NEO/CRAFT’s clientele includes dealers and architects in the premium segment

Peerless, An Acuity Brands Co.

United States

For over 125 years, Peerless, an Acuity Brands company, has pioneered new lighting technologies and applications providing designers with the tools they need to deliver quality, glare-free illumination to enhance comfort, productivity and well-being of people in a space. With Peerless, beauty and high performance are inseparable, the essence of a fusion between design, function, and emotion emphasizing Lighting for People®. Creating products using OLED is a natural extension of that philosophy.

Suzhou Applic-Info Home Tech. Co., Ltd


“The Channel Partner cooperation plan will bring win-win results. Our lighting products have been effectively publicized to end-users through OLEDWorks promotion and communication channels.”

Suzhou Light Matters Tech LLC (SLMT)


Suzhou Light Matters Tech LLC (SLMT) is a company dedicated to develop and promote new generation display and solid-state lighting products based on organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology. Collaborating with OLEDWorks, SLMT designs and produces modern OLED light fixtures targeting the large solid-state lighting markets, with current focus on general student population and professionals. The fabulous F-Light series OLED lighting products with full visible spectrum, but free of harmful UV and glare light, are friendly to humans’ eyes and fitting with our modern life.

Tokin Kogyo Co., Ltd


Tokin Kogyo Co. is a luminaire manufacturer with a long history of indoor lighting specialty. Founded in Tokyo in 1957, Tokin is excited to include OLED lighting in its product line as an eye-friendly light source with uniform surface-emission that feels like natural sunlight.



Tunto creates innovative & modern lighting concepts that combine sustainable wooden materials with the latest technological innovations for architects, lighting and interior designers, hospitality industry, offices, and other public spaces. We utilize the latest OLED and LED technology combined with touch-sensitive switches and wireless control options.

With our extensive knowledge in woodworking along with technical expertise, we ensure the visibility and functionality of the design idea and the pragmatically simple and sustainable implementation.

Visa Lighting

United States

Visa Lighting is a Milwaukee-based architectural lighting manufacturer creating luminaires with the latest advancements in LED and OLED technology. By emphasizing end-user needs and collaborating with specifiers, Visa Lighting’s high-tech artisans are able to engineer lighting that enhances how we live, work, and play. They design evidence-based solutions for application challenges in commercial and institutional building projects. Visa Lighting is an Oldenburg Group company.

Design and Project Partners

Electro-Kinetics LLC

United States

Electro-Kinetics provides custom design solutions to meet your electronically controlled mechanism needs, making your life easier and your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing. Our strategic alliance with Boyce Products – Automation Division brings your custom motorization designs to a finished product. 

Eric Andkjar, the owner of Electro-Kinetics, believes that great design ultimately makes the world a more exciting and enjoyable place. He works with a wholehearted dedication to bringing your ideas to fruition by focusing both on form and function.



Isato Prugger


Isato Prugger grew up with Ladin and Japanese cultural backgrounds. Combining his industrial training with his sculptural sensibility, Isato conceives limited series of Made-in-Italy lighting wood sculptures which explore and push the boundaries of contemporary artisanship in all its potentiality. These sculptures were possible only with OLED; with its compact size and high efficiency, Isato was able to freely explore wood shapes, fine-tuning a design without any compromise from the first sketch, the intuition.

Luxerus Lighting


Luxerus is a one-stop architectural solution provider and in order to maintain this specialty we have collaborated with OLEDWorks so that we can offer cutting edge, customized OLED products to our clientele. OLEDWorks is a leader in development and production of OLED light technology, which enables us to provide our clients with OLED products that are best in class.



Marro has been creating solutions for offices, shopping centres and public places for over 25 years. We are a design and innovation oriented company, therefore OLED technology perfectly fits our constant search for human centered design solutions. In order to inspire our clients we keep our offerings up to date with global trends and the circular economy, eco-friendly design, and more.

Meyda Lighting

United States

Meyda Lighting offers custom chandeliers and luminaires that incorporate high-quality OLEDs. Sustainable lighting eliminates lamp storage and replacement while saving energy and maintenance costs.

Scale and proportion are optimized with luminance by integrating impeccable designs to meet clients’ aesthetic vision and functional requirements, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece or complete theme.

American artisan-crafted luminaires are modern marvels of engineering and design. Our latest offering features ultra-thin OLEDs using nanotechnology for glare-free illumination and visual comfort, resulting in stunning lighting sculptures that create dramatic design statements.

Winona, An Acuity Brands Co.

United States

Winona is an Acuity Brands company dedicated to creating original lighting solutions for spaces of all types. Winona works collaboratively with designers to bring their visions to life, bold in adoption and application of progressive technologies in unconventional, evolved and forward-thinking ways. OLED is a prime example of one such progressive technology where the Winona team efforts have resulted in numerous standard and concept designs available to the market as well as the ability to materialize fully custom OLED lighting solutions.