Multi-stack-OLED Microdisplay

Multi-stack OLED Microdisplay Solutions

Our multi-stack OLED microdisplay technology provides an advantageous combination of very high brightness, long lifetimes, exceptional power efficiency, and high color gamut, all at a low manufacturing cost.

Multi-stack OLED Microdisplay Solutions

The majority of commercially available OLED microdisplays are made with 1-stack white OLED with Color Filters (CFs), which severely limits either the display brightness and/or its operating lifetime. The VR, AR and near-eye use cases demand higher brightness displays with low power and longer life to make higher-performing and lower cost products. While companies have shown high brightness microdisplay by direct pattering of single-stack OLEDs without CFs, the fundamental lifetime-current limit still applies.

OLEDWorks has developed innovative multi-stack solutions to provide a combination of breakthrough performance for near-eye display industries when compared to single- or double-stack solutions.

Multi-stack Formulation

OLEDWorks has developed multi-stack OLED formulations and demonstrated highly efficient OLED microdisplays on Si backplanes. The stacked architecture permits an increase in the brightness in proportion to the number of stacks without operating at higher current densities.

The multi-stack OLED approach allows optimization of the formulation that brings additional advantages, such as increased color gamut, reduced power, and the ability to balance subpixel currents for longer lifetime and better contrast. The performance for 3, 4, and 5 stack OLEDs on Si microdisplay backplanes is shown.

Multi Stack OLED Microdisplay Tiger

Multi Stack OLED Microdisplay Green Bird

Low-Cost, High-Volume Manufacturing for OLED Microdisplays

OLEDWorks utilizes the same equipment used to manufacture our OLED panels for general lighting and automotive lighting. This specialized production equipment can also be used for low-cost high-volume manufacturing of OLED microdisplays.

When combined with OLEDWorks’ unique, cost-effective manufacturing technology, these microdisplays can provide an advantageous combination of very high brightness, long lifetimes, exceptional power efficiencies, and high color gamut, all at a low manufacturing cost.

Designer Freedom for Unique Applications

Broad tool kit provided by high-multiple stack displays enables the display designer to optimize different performance parameters for a given application requirement.

This stacked architecture provides a significant increase in luminance efficiency that can be used to optimize and balance the often-competing requirement of high brightness, low power, high color purity, contrast and cost. High multi-stack technology provides the potential for breakthrough optimization for unique and demanding requirements.

Manufacturing Quality and Capabilities

High volume production is manufactured using lean principle in our Aachen, Germany facility. Essential to the manufacturing system are comprehensive quality control, reporting and industrial MES systems. Product reliability is supported by in-house environmental test laboratory and equipment.

The site in Aachen is ISO-9001, 14001, and 45001 certified.

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