OLEDWorks nurtures collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers for this journey of OLED product creation.

Potential for everyone

From architects and designers to consumers, when people see the potential of OLED—its extraordinary aesthetics, human-centric benefits, and earth-friendly appeal—they want to experience it more. Which is why we feel an urgent drive to educate people about it. Once you experience OLED light, you want it in your world.


OLED lighting creates a whole new world of opportunities for working with light. OLED is a solid-state lighting technology that has many benefits over traditional options. It is a premium light source that’s as elegant as it is functional and easy to use. The benefits of OLED include:


  • Ultra-thin
  • Featherweight
  • Flexible
  • Cool-to-touch
  • Glass
  • Segmentation
  • 90+ CRI

Health and Well-Being

  • No blue light risk
  • No UV
  • Safe for eyes and skin
  • Circadian rhythm friendly
  • Glare-free
  • No flicker
  • Naturally diffuse


  • Made of 85% recyclable components
  • Mostly organic and glass materials
  • No toxic substances – RoHS compliant
  • Energy efficient
  • No thermal heat sink
  • Compact profiles
  • Reduced manufacturing footprint