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Imagine OLED Light in Commercial Office Furniture…

Current Solution

Office furniture design has continuously emphasized ergonomic factors, focusing particularly on those that address the mechanical aspects of the pieces, such as desk and chair height, and monitor, keyboard, and mouse positioning. Much less emphasis has been placed on the lighting ergonomics, often relying on illumination from the room instead of engineering it into the furniture.

Illumination that is too dim, bright, or uneven, contains flicker, or produces too much contrast and glare can result in eye strain, causing headaches, fatigue, and lowering employee productivity. Improper lighting levels and spectral combinations throughout the day can also lower alertness, cause drowsiness, and interfere with sleep cycles at night. These issues are sometimes addressed by incorporating task fixtures into the setup, but these can be bulky, hot, and difficult to reconfigure due to spatial constraints. They also produce uneven lighting which can introduce additional shadows to the environment, making the eyes work harder to readjust.

OLED Light Solution

OLED lighting is a perfect solution to address these challenges. Ultra-thin, lightweight, and compact, OLED panels have the flexibility to be incorporated on multiple surface planes with minimal impact on the overall furniture design, providing diffuse, high-quality illumination that is easy on the eyes.

Cool-to-the-touch during operation and low in glare, OLED lighting can be brought in close to the user with maximum ability to reconfigure for comfort and user preferences. With high efficiencies, dimming capability, and long lifetimes, OLED lighting is consistent with environmentally friendly operation and low maintenance costs.