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Imagine OLED Light in Commercial Office Furniture…

Office furniture design has evolved tremendously over the years, and now continuously emphasizes ergonomic factors. To improve comfort, productivity and other benefits, mechanical aspects of design like desk, chair and monitor height, and keyboard and mouse positioning have been a strong focus, with little emphasis on lighting. The relationship between good lighting and increased productivity and employee well-being demonstrates a need to direct attention and design resources to lighting ergonomics.

Office spaces regularly rely on ambient illumination from light fixtures around the room, but simple ambient lighting can result in insufficient task lighting in work areas and shadows caused by cubicles and dividers. These shadows can cause the eyes to strain from having to readjust and lead to visual fatigue and headaches. Even when offices try to integrate their lighting into workstations, the fixtures are bulky, hot, and difficult to reconfigure because of spatial restraints.

Organic LED (OLED) lighting is a perfect solution to address these challenges. Ultra-thin, lightweight, and compact, OLED lighting panels have the flexibility to integrate into surfaces with minimal impact on the overall furniture design. Their unique form factor saves space and simplifies fixtures, making modular lighting designs more accessible.

Studies have shown that illumination that is overly bright, uneven, or high in flicker and glare can cause eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and lower employee productivity. Improper lighting levels and spectral combinations throughout the day can also lower alertness, cause drowsiness, and interfere with sleep cycles at night. Cool-to-the-touch during operation and low in glare, OLED lighting can be placed close to the user with maximum ability to reconfigure for comfort and user preferences. With diffuse, glare- and UV-free illumination that is easy on the eyes, OLEDs can reduce eye strain and headaches, improving employee mood and well-being.

Office managers will also be pleased to know that high efficiencies and long lifetimes make OLED lighting an environmentally friendly solution with low maintenance costs.