Rail Car Interior
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Imagine OLED Light for Rail Applications…

Lighting for the passenger and transit rail industry has been transformed by the introduction of solid-state lighting technologies (SSL). Over the past 20 years, we have seen a rapid replacement of the incandescent and fluorescent tube technology that had been in use for decades. SSL enables railcar manufacturers and operators to increase energy efficiency, reduce heat output, and vastly improve light quality onboard rail vehicles. The addition of Organic LEDs (OLEDs) to the market, will continue this rapid SSL evolution with innovative lighting solutions for the rail industry.

The recent resurgence in rail travel has found a new demographic of globe-trotting, environmentally conscious customers looking for a stylized travel experience akin to that in civil aviation. Railcar designers are tasked with improving passenger comfort and overall experience but are restricted by small loading gauges and limited room for expansion. Maximizing the available space for the increasing number of passengers is paramount.

Ultra-thin OLED panels (< 1mm thick) minimize lighting fixture size, while the Lambertian distribution, an inherent side effect of OLED’s surface-emitting nature, eliminates the need for space-hogging light guides and diffusers. OLED lighting can conform to shapes and allow designers to do more stylistically in tight areas or fit to curved bulkheads and seats without requiring additional room for bulky components. OLED is the ideal lighting solution to maximize existing space for passengers.

Modern train travel also means operators and designers need to accommodate modern lifestyles. Seating areas are now designed for flexible arrangements and communication with passengers is required to maintain accessibility demands, accommodating seated passengers, bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and mobile workers. OLED technology can be patterned into segments, allowing designers to create crisp branding, changeable wayfinding, or informational lighting panels to dynamically communicate with passengers for increased comfort and safety.

OLED lighting allows railcar designers to maximize the available space, style, and communication needs while providing a modern pleasing, high-quality light for a premium passenger experience.