Curved OLED Panels Named #2 of 6 Technology Trends to Watch

May 2, 2019

Article in enLIGHTenment magazine written by David Shiller

Number 2: Curved OLED Panels

“Last year, New York-based OLEDWorks launched its curved OLED panels, named LumiCurve Wave. This curved OLED provides even, glare-free illumination from an extremely thin form factor. Ashley Romano, Director of Marketing at OLEDWorks explains, ‘The drive behind the LumiCurve Wave was to inspire the industry to think differently about lighting applications. To create a flexible light source that was paper-thin and only grams in weight, our engineers collaborated with the innovative team at Corning to create this panel — and we were both excited with the results.’ OLEDs can also be easily incorporated into furniture and other surfaces.”

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