LightFair 2019 products focus on IoT and human-centric lighting: EDN Network

July 8, 2019

Article at written by Yoelit Hiebert

This year’s LightFair International, held in Philadelphia May 21-24, was a well-thought-out affair with manufacturers showing a degree of restraint that reflects an evolving understanding of lighting-anchored IoT’s potential and limitations. This was a refreshing change from some of the hype of last year’s trade show.

…The lighting industry, having embraced solid state lighting as the path going forward, is now grappling with the monumental potential presented by the use of electronics devices to provide light. Lighting systems will undoubtedly expand their capabilities not only in identified markets like human-centric lighting and horticultural lighting, but also in new frontiers like artificial intelligence, voice-control, public safety, and smart cities.

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