NSRP Awards OLEDWorks and Acuity Brands $150K for Marine Lighting Research

January 3, 2020

The NSRP (National Shipbuilding Research Program) has identified a need to reduce costs, both labor and material, associated with bonding and grounding of luminaires during ship construction. According to the April 2019 Low-Voltage Shipboard DC Lighting Feasibility Study-Final Report, low-voltage DC lighting is a feasible way to mitigate bonding and grounding requirements.

OLED light technology can offer a low voltage, high quality lighting solution. In addition, OLEDs are extremely thin and lightweight, providing construction and operation cost advantages from space and weight savings. OLEDWorks is working with Acuity Brands to demonstrate design concepts and robustness in conjunction with Naval yard shipbuilders.

OLEDWorks submitted a formal proposal to the NSRP and was granted $150K to complete the project. The estimated timeline on the project is twelve months.

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