OLEDWorks highlighted in arc magazine for superior qualities of their OLED panels

January 25, 2019

David Morgan gives a brief comparison of OLEDWorks and LG’s OLED products in his article (published in arc magazine) about Applelec’s collaboration with OLED panel manufacturers.

“The OLEDWorks flexible panels branded LumiCurve Wave (Applelec brand it the Ripple) are based on the super thin Willow glass from Corning. This material is only 0.05mm thick, incredibly flexible and provides a better hermetic seal for the panels than polymer materials leading to a longer working life and lower lumen depreciation. “

Applelec presented OLED panels from both brands side by side at the recent darc room exhibition and some differences in output and light quality were evident. The OLEDWorks panels appear to be more powerful than those from LG currently and seem to provide a more attractive lit appearance.”

“It is exciting that the long-promised flexible OLED panels are now in production and available for use by luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers.”

To read more about OLED lighting and its various applications, you can find the full article here.