OLEDWorks’ Multi-Stack Technology Pushes the Boundary of Luminance Efficiency for Microdisplays

August 20, 2020

3, 4 and 5-stack OLED formulations provide leadership luminance efficiency enabling exceptional peak brightness, lifetime, power efficiency and color purity.

Technology and results to be presented on August 24th and 25th at SPIE and IMID, respectively.  

Rochester, NY: Earlier this month, OLEDWorks introduced its unique high-performance multi-stack OLED microdisplay technology at SID’s Virtual Symposium. Additional technology and results will be presented virtually at SPIE on August 24th and IMID on August 25th.

This innovative microdisplay solution leverages the company’s unique capabilities in OLED multi-stacks to achieve high brightness levels while operating at uniquely low power levels. This luminance efficiency offers a much-needed technology enhancement for the virtual reality, augmented reality, and near-eye display industries.

The cofounder and chief operating officer of OLEDWorks, Dr. John Hamer, will speak virtually on this breakthrough at two industry events next week. On Monday, August 24th, he will be joining SPIE’s Digital Forum on Optics and Photonics as part of Session 4 covering “Device Fabrication and Processing”. The following day, Tuesday August 25th, he will be featured as part of South Korea’s IMID Conference in Session 14 “OLED Frontplanes.”

“I’m quite thrilled with our high multi-stack luminance efficiency for a well-balanced D65 white point design of up to 20 cd/A or higher,” said Dr. Hamer.

Dr. Hamer will present an overview of the technology approach and demonstrated results from 3, 4 and 5-stack microdisplay formulations.  He will also discuss industry benchmarks and how OLEDWorks’ multi-stack solutions achieved significantly higher results.

Visit OLEDWorks.com, for more information on the data behind this breakthrough and information on the future of OLEDWork’s multi-stack microdisplay.

About OLEDWorks

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