Video Interview of OLEDWorks’ CTO Featured in EC&M Magazine

January 27, 2020

Originally Published at EC&M

Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine (EC&M) recently featured an interview conducted by the National Lighting Bureau (NLB) at their Annual Lighting Forum. Moderated by Randy Reid, Executive Director of NLB, the interview included Michael Boroson, CTO of OLEDWorks, and Mark Taylor of Corning, Inc.

The NLB recently released a video in an effort to spread awareness around OLED technology. The feature by EC&M highlights key takeaways from this video interview including:

  • A few years ago, OLEDs’ efficiency was 45 lm/W. Nowadays, they have 85 lm/W at the source level
  • Low heat and glare produced by OLEDs make them safe to put close to people
  • Costs for the technology are down
  • Lifetime is now rated for 100,000 hours


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