4 Key Take-aways from the 2018 OLEDs World Summit

October 9, 2018

by Michael Boroson, CTO & Co – Founder of OLEDWorks

The 2018 OLEDs World Summit is complete. Experts in OLED display, micro-display and lighting gathered in San Francisco September 19th and 20th for the 20th edition of the world’s longest running OLED lighting and display conference. A common observation was just how far and how fast OLED technology has come since that first conference twenty years ago! Organic LEDs are here to stay.

Here are four key take-aways about OLED Lighting from the conference:

  1. OLED lighting is growing in multiple markets including general lighting, automotive, healthcare, furniture and appliances.
  2. More focus on OLED lighting’s unique selling points of ultra-thin, ultra-low weight, high color rendering, conformability and the healthy light aspects of no blue or UV light risks, no glare and low heat emission.
  3. Proof that OLED is a superior light source with regards to eye health in tests of photobiological risks, eye fatigue, dry eyes/eye strain and ocular effects.
  4. OLED lighting has moved on the adoption curve from the innovator stage to early adopters and even into the early majority stage with performance today that meets or exceeds the requirements for all high-end applications as well as many mainstream applications.

And general OLED technology, has seen significant advances as well. OLED has obviously won the battle for displays for smart phones, watches and other mobile devices. Exciting to see future development with flexible OLED displays and with foldable displays in the future.

OLED TVs and micro-display volumes are growing, and OLED is now expected to become a dominant player for displays in these markets.

The bottom line? Currently, OLED technology is changing the way we live in the areas of lighting, display and micro-displays. Now and more so on the horizon, the OLED Lighting future is bright, beautiful and healthy! And some may say even Organic.

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