The Amber OLED lighting panel, available as engineering sample, is 100% free of blue wavelengths, compatible with natural sleep patterns which are disrupted by blue light. The lack of blue light also makes Amber OLED less harmful and more impactful on those who see it, and ideal for nighttime lighting needs in various situations. Consequently, Amber has increased interest in the marine industry, health care, senior living centers, public facilities such as prisons, and sleeping areas in residences.

The OLEDWorks Amber OLED lighting product is an efficient solution that provides a beautiful light quality with an impressive brightness range from marker light applications to task light functions.


OLED lighting creates a whole new world of opportunities for working with light. OLED is a solid-state lighting technology that has many benefits over traditional options. It is a premium light source that’s as elegant as it is functional and easy to use. The benefits of OLED include:


  • Ultra-thin
  • Featherweight
  • Flexible
  • Cool-to-touch
  • 90+ CRI
  • Glass
  • Segmentation

Health and Well-Being

  • No blue light risk
  • No UV
  • Circadian rhythm friendly
  • No flicker
  • Naturally diffuse
  • Glare-free


  • Recyclable
  • 85% organic and glass materials
  • Does not contain toxic metals
  • Energy efficient
  • No thermal heat sink
  • Compact profiles
  • Reduced manufacturing footprint