OLEDs Can Offer Lightweight, Comfortable Lighting for the Rail Industry

April 24, 2023

Lighting for the passenger rail industry has been transformed by the introduction of solid-state lighting technologies (SSL). Over the past 20 years, we have seen a rapid replacement of the incandescent and fluorescent tube technology that had been in use for decades. SSL enables railcar manufacturers and operators to increase energy efficiency, reduce heat output, and vastly improve light quality onboard trains. The addition of Organic LEDs (OLEDs) to the market will continue this rapid SSL evolution with innovative lighting solutions for the commuter rail industry.

Beautiful Quality Light

OLED lighting is a naturally diffuse surface-area light source that provides comfortable lighting that is easy on the eyes. OLEDs are naturally glare-free and don’t possess damaging wavelengths of UV or blue light, earning them a risk-free certification for the eyes and skin. For these reasons, OLEDs are ideal for overhead lighting, placement above seats, or reading lamps found in business cabins – anywhere the light is close to the user.

Ultra-thin & Lightweight

Because OLEDs are naturally glare-free and diffuse, they do not require heatsinks, diffusors, or other optical components that add bulk. OLEDs are less than 2mm thick and ultra-lightweight, saving precious cabin space and significantly impacting overall weight. Their thin form factor allows OLED lighting into areas where limited space makes placing lighting difficult, like in tight bathroom spaces, within seats, and in gangways.

Segmentation for Premium Communication & Branding

OLED lighting technology can be designed with individually addressable segments or symbols within the panel itself. These segments have virtually no crosstalk, resulting in symbols and animations that are crisply defined and high in contrast. In rail applications, these custom panels can be used for Exit and Restroom signage, to communicate information such as a map that lights segments as the train progresses along its route, or to increase branding through illuminated corporate logos and recognizable trademarks within the cabin.

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