OLEDWorks Debuts Most Advanced Flexible OLED Lighting and New Automotive Joint Development Program at CES

January 10, 2023

Last week, OLEDWorks returned to CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center for our second year at the world’s leading technology event. This year’s CES saw over 3,200 exhibitors and 115,000 attendees as the show tried to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels. With an emphasis this year on automotive technology, sustainability, and agriculture, OLED lighting made for a perfect inclusion in this year’s show.


CES Exhibition Hall

OLEDWorks team speaking with booth visitors | OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks team speaking with booth visitors

OLEDWorks team at CES

OLEDWorks team at their booth in the automotive hall

The Most Advanced Flexible OLED Lighting

In the OLEDWorks booth, our team presented the latest flexible OLED lighting technology. Developed in coordination with Corning Incorporated, Valeo, and STMicroelectronics, OLEDWorks’ newest demonstrator contained the highest density of individually addressable segments of any flexible OLED panel.

Flexible OLED lighting demonstrator | OLEDWorks

Flexible OLED lighting demonstrator

Most Advanced Flexible OLED Lighting Panel | OLEDWorks

Left: Flexible OLED lighting panel with highest segment density. Right: Segmented rigid OLED lighting panel.

Dynamic animation on segmented automotive OLED panels

Close-up of Segmented OLED Panel | OLEDWorks

High segmentation allows for clear dynamic communication and symbology

Individually segmented OLED lighting panels increase safety on the road by allowing for improved communication through dynamic animation sequences and symbols. Manufacturing these OLED panels on flexible glass further expands lighting design opportunities with the ability to conform with curved surfaces in the car, integrating lighting directly into the vehicle’s architecture.

OLEDWorks Joint Development Program Encourages Automotive Collaboration

The OLEDWorks team also officially launched our new Joint Development Program at CES 2023. The Joint Development Program (JDP) offers OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers the opportunity to evaluate and prototype real-world OLED applications; develop engineering mindshare; and serves as a launching pad for commercialization of OLED solutions for future SOPs.

Reach out to our customer service team to learn how the JDP offers:

  • An accelerated development track with a defined timeline
  • Access to top OLEDWorks engineers
  • Ongoing educational support for internal teams
  • Cost sharing for development of prototype(s)/demonstrator(s)

We are thrilled with the engagement and excitement surrounding OLED lighting at this year’s event, and we are excited to continue our presence at the show in the future. We look forward to sharing further OLED technological developments at CES in January 2024!

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