[On-Demand Webinar] Why OLED for Automotive Lighting: The OEM and Tier 1 Supplier Perspectives

March 17, 2022

Audi, Valeo Lighting Systems, and Marelli Automotive Lighting share lessons learned on their journey of integrating OLED technology into their product roadmaps.

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Throughout the history of the automotive industry, countless technical innovations and new products have revolutionized the design, performance, and safety of our vehicles. Automotive safety features evolved from seatbelts in the ‘60s and airbags in the ‘90s to blind-spot warnings and brake assistance today. Lighting has followed a similar trajectory, and OLED technology is empowering the new wave of automotive lighting evolution.

Join our esteemed panelists from Audi, Valeo Lighting Systems, and Marelli Automotive Lighting to hear from the OEM and Tier 1 supplier perspectives how OLED lighting is increasing safety on the road and energizing the consumer experience today.

Panelists share the following with attendees:

    • Why OLED lighting technology is ideal for automotive applications
    • Lessons they learned through integrating OLED technology into their products
    • Truths about common misconceptions of OLED lighting
    • Things to consider when planning to integrate OLEDs into your roadmap


    • Dr. Werner Thomas, Project Manager OLED Lighting, Audi AG
    • Dr. Desiree Monti, Optical Engineer, R&D Innovation Department, Marelli Automotive Lighting
    • Dr. Sophie Cladé, Opto-electronic Department Manager, Valeo Lighting Systems
    • [Moderator] Dr. Michael Boroson, CTO, OLEDWorks

Watch the Webinar