Five New Lighting Designers and Manufacturers Signed to OLEDWorks Channel Partner Program

October 20, 2021

Global access to OLED lighting expands with significant growth of OLEDWorks’ Channel Partner Program (CPP)


Rochester, N.Y. October 19, 2021 –OLEDWorks, the leading global manufacturer of OLED light technology, signed five new partners to their Channel Partner Program in Q3 of 2021. These new partners include Audil (Brazil), EnlightenHome (United States), Formpost (Russia), Lumilan (China), and Luxwerk (Germany).

“We’re very excited to see the expansion of our global Channel Partner program to new partners that recognize the benefits and value of OLED lighting within their markets,” says John Rubens, Vice President of Customer Success at OLEDWorks. “As our partners deliver new and inspiring products to their customers, we foresee even greater interest in both the commercial and residential sectors.”

The Channel Partner Program was designed by OLEDWorks in 2019 as a means of empowering the development of next-generation OLED lighting solutions. Program members consist primarily of luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers who are granted expanded access to OLED lighting technology, engineering mindshare, and marketing and sales advocacy. The program currently comprises over 30 members.

Introducing the new Channel Partners:

Audil: Audil provides the highest level of excellence in lighting design to partners, architects, and designers in South America. “We will build on our knowledge and experience to create a new story of success alongside OLEDWorks in Brazil.”

EnlightenHome: EnlightenHome prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and design within the lighting industry. “Working with OLEDWorks brings components to the table that literally shock with delight when people experience the quality of light that can be produced in a form factor that is less than 2 mm thick. Couple this with the potential to be embedded in materials that were once off limits to the lighting world, and the creative design potential is limited only to imagination – which is precisely how it should be.”

Formpost: Formpost is one of the first companies in Eastern Europe to sell OLED lighting engines, and among the first in Eastern Europe to create a commercial OLED lighting project. “For many reasons we think that OLED is the next step in interior lighting.”

Lumilan: Lumilan is a top-tier OLED lighting company in China, focusing on the development of OLED emissive materials and devices. “We admire the contribution of OLEDWorks in improving the energy efficiency of OLED lighting and hope that our cooperation can bring customers excellent products and a high quality of life.”

Luxwerk: Luxwerk’s high level of technical knowledge allows them to utilize the latest OLED and inorganic LED technologies to develop perfect, individualized lighting solutions. Together with planners, architects, interior designers, dealers, executing companies and building owners, they develop the optimal lighting solution jointly and on an equal footing.

Recent News from OLEDWorks Partners:

  • Isato Prugger will be exhibiting at the EDIT Napoli design fair, October 29-31. In his booth, he will showcase his OLED lighting designs, including one premiere.
  • Lumenique has launched three collections of sculptural lights using OLEDWorks panels, with 18 fixtures and counting. These fixtures can be seen on the OLED Marketplace and are available for purchase at Lumenique’s website.

About OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks is a global leader in the development and production of innovative organic light-emitting diode (OLED) light technology. By producing the world’s best performing OLED panels and combining rapid product innovation, OLEDWorks simplifies and enriches lighting solutions in general lighting, automotive, and microdisplay applications. OLED light engines enhance the well-being of our world and its inhabitants.