Onygal Moon

Onygal Moon combines the highest craftsmanship with sophisticated architecture. Onygal Moon owes its name to its moonlike radiance. The combination of the translucent stone and the unique design makes the room appear in a calming, moonlight-like light.

With its sustainable and variously combinable design elements such as different types of wood and stone, Onygal Moon is more than just a luminaire: it is the highlight of any room. Whether in gleaming gold, shimmering silver, fiery red or bright orange, the illuminated stone inserts of Onygal Moon attract every gaze. Surrounded by a large selection of different types of wood, there is a suitable combination for everyone.

From simple, to colourful, to unusual: Onygal Moon impresses with all its facets. The unobtrusive, yet eye-catching design can be both a highlight of the room and the perfect complement to the interior.

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