TiverBuilt Kitchen Renovation

Lindsay Prichard-Fox, Founder and CEO of TiverBuilt, uses OLED lighting panels for more freedom in lighting design.

When the client came to Lindsay Prichard-Fox, Founder and CEO of digital construction company TiverBuilt, she had a specific idea of exactly what the lighting over her kitchen island would look like. Immediately, Lindsay thought that OLEDs would be the best way to accomplish her client’s vision.

“I would not have suggested a regular LED because we would have had to channel out more reclaimed wood,” says Lindsay. “When we designed the fixture, we wanted to carve out just enough for the OLED unit. I’ve seen other installations of a wood surround with lighting and it usually has a void of black with spots of light coming through, which feels like a spotlight.”

Learn more about the installation and Lindsay’s thoughts on how OLED lighting offers designers more freedom in our recent interview.


Lighting and interior design: TiverBuilt

Contractor: Stahl Property Associates

Installation Site: Private Residence – Rochester, NY


OLED Lighting Fixture by TiverBuilt
Tiver Built 3D Rendering
OLED Fixture by Tiver Built
Tiver Built OLED Kitchen Installation
Tiver Built OLED Rendering