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15 GL350 Luminaires

Lighting designer and artist Michael Hammers has designed 15 OLED lighting panels for a very special conference room: the “Winter Garden” at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. The room is located close to the vehicle delivery and the company’s museum and is used by the Supervisory Board among others.

The lights themselves are so thin that they are almost invisible from the side thanks to the OLED lighting panels used. The light really appears to float in the air. Only the necessary power cable gives a subtle hint to the light source. Each of the 15 lamps has a frame structure of aluminum and a stainless steel front panel in which each of the 36 Lumiblade GL350 OLED lighting panels are enclosed.

The room is illuminated by 3,900 lumens per lamp, so in total there are about 58,000 lumens. This is so much light that additional light sources could be dispensed with. This is the first conference room worldwide to be solely illuminated by Lumiblade OLED lighting panels, showing how quickly this modern lighting technology has come of age.