A Unique Welcome Gesture

It is a welcome gesture of a special kind: With CityLights iart developed and realised a site-specific light installation that reflects the customer’s vision. Schindler explores and builds for the mobility of the future. The movements of light elegantly symbolise this. Vertical and horizontal light flows create an abstract image of a metropolis.

The subtle play of light is located in an atrium measuring 3.5 by 7 meters that connects the ground floor lobby of Schindler’s headquarters with the staff restaurant. Viewed from the ground floor, the OLED stacks rise into the sky. From above, they point into the depths. At times, the light reacts to the movement of visitors. Otherwise, various animated movement patterns change during the course of the day.

Customer-Specific Luminaire

CityLights is one of a number of customer-specific OLED applications developed and implemented by iart. The characteristics and the sequence of the light patterns can be flexibly changed via a visual interface. Hardware and software, the architectural space and the lighting of the luminaire complement each other perfectly.