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Imagine OLED Light for Automotive Exteriors…

Exterior automotive lighting is a powerful design element for crafting the stylized aesthetic of a vehicle. Innovative lighting technologies allow for creative approaches to branding and personalization essential for creating a modern signature appearance. Additionally, these technologies are increasing safety on the road by expanding Car-to-X communication capabilities.

Organic LED (OLED) technologies, offer form factors that expand beyond the single points of illumination that have historically dominated automotive lighting assemblies. Considered to be a perfect homogenous surface light, OLEDs empower next-level design opportunities and are capable of rendering branding and symbology in a way that is inherently comfortable to view for the driver and those surrounding the vehicle. OLED illumination is naturally diffuse, highly uniform, and low in glare. These qualities make the technology ideal for applications where drivers and passengers view the light directly from a wide angle, such as the tail, stop, and turn functions. These properties are inherent to OLED technology unlike other technologies that may require additional components such as additional lenses or diffusers to produce a similar uniformity.

OLEDs are razor thin and can achieve high-quality homogenous light, on panels with a millimeter in thickness or less. This compact profile allows for easy integration within tight spaces. In addition, bendable OLED panels offer a form factor for seamless incorporation of light over curved surfaces.

OLED technology enables designers to create customized, individually addressable segments. The crisp segmentation of OLED lighting technology allows for sharp branding and personalization, as well as clear and dynamic communication of icons or other symbols. OLED technology is paving the way for new form factors for exterior automotive lighting design. It facilitates closer integration of the various car systems, enabling more effective Car-to-X communication and, ultimately, increased safety on the road.

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