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Imagine OLED Light Used in Personal Lights for Videoconferencing and Video Blogging…

Current Solution

Use of videoconferencing for work and socializing has exploded over the past few years. From meeting with co-workers and potential customers, to connecting with relatives and friends, to taping segments for job interviews and auditions, the ease and cost-efficiency of virtual meetings will likely make them a permanent fixture going forward. Whether in the office or at home, the locations people choose for their video meetings is often dictated by factors such as lack of background noise and distractions, proximity to device power, and good Wi-Fi signal.

Participant illumination is often a secondary consideration, or not considered all, relying instead on sub-optimal lighting designed for the entire room, creating a poorly lit attendee profile which can be highly distracting to the other meeting participants, as well as unflattering to the attendee. Some luminaire manufacturers have started to produce lights specifically for videoconferencing that can be positioned closer to the participant, but they tend to be bulky and/or high in glare, which is an uncomfortable distraction for the user.

OLED Light Solution

The soft, diffuse illumination from OLED lighting panels provides a welcome alternative for the videoconference participant. Cool-to-the-touch and glare-free, OLED lighting can be positioned close to the user to minimize harsh shadows and contrast without discomfort or distraction.

Illumination from OLEDs have excellent color rendering, making them a great choice for a professional presence and a flattering profile. The thin, lightweight, compact nature of OLED lighting makes them easily repositionable, and perfect for slipping into a workbag for transport to and from the office.