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Imagine OLED Lighting in Recreational Vehicles…

Current Solution

Take a look at the inside of recreational vehicles (RVs) these days, and you’ll find the interiors increasingly incorporate the comforts of home. From open kitchen areas with quality material cabinets and countertops, to more spacious, reconfigurable floor plans with Wi-Fi systems and smart controls, these vehicles are designed with comfort in mind. Larger widows that allow more natural light are also trending, but indoor lighting for evening and nighttime, which is often recessed for space savings and modularity, can be dim, specular, and exhibit high levels of glare, all of which can contribute to eye strain and fatigue. Heat generation from the lighting system can also be an issue with RVs if older technologies such as incandescent bulbs are used. Nighttime RV lighting can also attract unwanted visitors such as mosquitos and moths.

OLED Light Solution

The naturally diffuse, uniform, low-glare illumination that OLED panels offer is ideal for RV indoor lighting. The panels are thin, lightweight, and compact, which gives manufacturers greater flexibility in their design and placement within the unit, in order to optimize the overall lighting experience. The efficacy of OLED lighting is similar to inorganic LEDs, which is important for RVs and other vehicles that may be used off-grid. OLED lighting contains UV light, and has been certified to present no photobiological risk to the skin and eyes (IEC 62471).

OLED lighting is also low maintenance with long operational lifetimes, so owners do not get surprised with failures or have the inconvenience of carrying around replacement units. OLED panels produce a soft illumination that contains very low levels of circadian blue light, which is ideal for evenings, as these wavelengths can suppress melatonin production, which disrupts sleeps, and interfere with other nighttime disease-fighting biochemistry processes in the body. The lack of UV and short blue content, which has been shown scientifically to lure many varieties of insects, is also ideal for minimizing attraction of these insects to the interior of the vehicle.