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Imagine OLED Lighting in Recreational Vehicles…

Step inside recreational vehicles (RVs) these days, and you will find the interiors increasingly incorporating the comforts and luxuries of modern living. Kitchen areas are open and spacious with high-end finishes and quality appliances. Floor plans are reconfigurable and maximize space, with Wi-Fi systems and smart controls, emphasizing that these vehicles are designed with the consumer in mind. Large windows are often incorporated and allow for wonderful natural lighting, but interior RV lighting seems overlooked and is often dim, specular, and high in glare — all of which contribute to eye strain and fatigue when natural lighting is suboptimal.

Naturally diffuse, uniform, glare-free OLED (Organic LED) lighting offers the ideal illumination solution for RVs. The panels are thin, lightweight, and compact, which gives manufacturers greater flexibility in their design and placement within the unit. OLED lighting contains no UV light and has been certified to present no photobiological risk to the skin and eyes (IEC 62471).

OLED panels produce a soft, natural feeling, pleasing light with very low levels of circadian blue light, the wavelength that studies have demonstrated will suppress melatonin production, disrupting sleep and interfering with other nighttime disease-fighting processes in the body.

As an added benefit, the lack of UV and short blue content has also been shown to attract fewer insects and is ideal for minimizing unwanted visitors like mosquitos and moths.

OLED lighting is low-maintenance and robust with long operational lifetimes, so there is no need to worry about replacement units. With similar efficiency to inorganic LEDs, OLEDs reduce energy consumption, decreasing their impact on the environment and the RV’s battery when they are off the grid. OLED lighting can provide another level of care and comfort to RV customers and make their RV feel like a comfortable, modern home.

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