Custom and Specialty Products

In addition to the standard product portfolio, we collaborate with you to create custom panel sizes, shapes and colors that meet your needs.

Custom solutions are often needed to address the lighting challenges of specific applications. Lighting for the interior of an airplane has very different requirements than that of the branded lighting of a hotel, or the rear lighting of a boat, or lights on a machine vision inspection line.

OLED lighting’s unique composition and manufacturing processes allows it to take on custom shapes, temperatures, and colors, as well as include intrinsic segmentation or flexibility in the panel design. These options expand the possibilities for lighting design and integration across every application from transportation to commercial and residential lighting.

Custom Options of OLED Lighting


As an area light source OLEDs can theoretically be made to any dimensions a project could need. Additionally, without the need of diffusors, heat sinks, or other lighting components, OLED technology has an ultra-thin profile – less than 2mm.


OLED lighting can integrate individually addressable segments within the panel design. These crisply defined segments have an unmatched contrast ratio and can be designed to create symbols or patterns for communication and branding capabilities.


With the use of bendable glass like Willow Glass by Corning, OLED lighting can be made to bend in one radial direction up to 10cm concave or convex. The use of bendable glass provides additional durability, waterproofing, and ease of encapsulation compared to plastic substrates.

Logos and Symbols

In addition to the segmentation capabilities of OLED lighting, OLED can replicate logos and text into their design. In these instances, the logo can either be the lit or unlit portion of the panel at the discretion of the customer.


OLED lighting can take on whatever two-dimensional shape the substrate can be made into (with some manufacturing considerations). The standard shapes in our Brite 3 Family are a circle, rectangle, and square, but we have tested half-circles, parallelograms, rings, and more.


By choosing which dopants are used in their emissive layers, custom OLED lighting can be created in nearly any conceivable color. OLEDWorks’ standard color temperatures for white lighting are currently 3000K and 4000K, but engineering samples have shown ranges from 2700K to 6000K white. Additionally, OLEDs can be made in virtually any saturated color, like amber OLED panels and deep red for taillights.

Custom OLED Lighting Applications

Every iteration of OLED lighting offers a superior light quality and thin profile and can be adapted to suit numerous applications.

Automotive Tail Lighting

Segmented OLED lighting, which found its footing in the automotive industry, can display a light signature that cannot be replicated with any other technology, imbuing the car with a sense of individuality. Dynamic lighting sequences and animations can be customized as desired to expand the possibilities for lighting design and branding.

Additionally, segmented taillights can increase driver and passenger safety when used for communication purposes. As the possible number of segments per panel increases, OLEDs can display more complex symbols and imagery such as an exclamation point when the driver presses the brake or a snowflake when the roads are icy. These dynamic warnings give drivers additional time to respond to this information, increasing the safety of everyone on the road.

Machine Vision Inspection

In the machine vision inspection industry, high performing lighting is critical for accurate inspection. Highly uniform light sources reduce the occurrence of false positives and the time required for inspection, saving time and money. Ultra-thin, curved OLED lighting enables incorporation of lighting into unique spaces which can improve inspection performance.

Amber OLED Lighting

Amber OLED lighting contains no damaging UV wavelengths and virtually zero blue light that can interfere with sleep patterns from evening/late-night exposure. This has made amber OLED lighting a particularly exciting product for use in sleep areas as well as areas where relaxation is key such as bedrooms, yoga studios, and patient rooms in hospitals.

OLED Lighting Expands Design and Branding Possibilities

With so many options in shape, color, size and more, OLED lighting offers unique branding possibilities for companies to create their own signature look. The thin and flexible profile of OLEDs means that the lights are conformable to the shape of a space’s interior and are not limited by the thickness of the panel. OLED integration saves space in nearly every application, which increases the options of where to include lighting such as integration on vertical surfaces, underneath cabinetry and shelving, or in very tight quarters.

Logo panels can be used to create branded experiences in the first-class cabin of an airplane, corporate logos inside of retail and hospitality locations, and can extend to signage such as “EXIT”, “No smoking”, and “Restroom” illumination.