OMLED by EMDE development of light GmbH

EMDE development of light GmbH, the design studio of Frankfurt artist Thomas Emde, presents under the label OMLED a whole series of lights that places the Brite FL300 series at the center of the design of the light itself.

Emde set himself the task of developing an honest, pure and natural design for such a light. He deliberately wanted to avoid expensive design objects, and aimed instead to create a functional, affordable light that could get close to people without bothering them. This is why, apart from the OLED modules, the design is made almost exclusively from glass. The connection between the glass and the OLED is based on a patent pending procedure developed by emdedesign. At the same time, this merging of OLED and glass allows more light to be released. The series of lights has been designed as a standard lamp, desk lamp and a pendant lamp, each of which is available in different versions with varying numbers of OLEDs. This allows each user to select the light with the perfect size and output to suit their needs.

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