Green is the New Black

February 13, 2018

Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it is a responsibility. Sustainability is part of OLEDWorks’ core from production to our lighting products. Lighting impacts everyone, from our mood and health to our productivity and safety. During the day we use sunlight, but often at work and whenever the sun sets, we are forced to use artificial light sources. A full broad spectrum for such sources is desired, recreating the way humans naturally live. Sunlight provides not only a broad spectrum, but also is an environmentally friendly and sustainable light source. OLED lighting can offer all of this as well.

OLEDWorks Brite OLED lighting panels are 99% recyclable materials, essential for the product life cycle including disposal. During OLED lighting panel production, the manufacturing process is continuously being improved for material usage efficiency and high yields to reduce production resources. The OLED lighting panel panel, simplicity in its naturality, diffuse light properties which negates the need for additional components or appliances such as heatsinks, waveguides, diffusers, lenses and phosphors. In addition to these component and life cycle savings, Brite OLED lighting panels are becoming more electrically efficient having over 60 lumens per watt and longer lifetime.  With no losses due to optics from reflectors and waveguides, one needs only to ensure the driver is efficient for overall fixture performance. OLEDWorks collaborates on drivers exceeding 90% efficiency despite the challenge of low current (which means low power consumptions for our customers!).

From being mindful of our production efficiency to extending the performance of our lighting panels, OLEDWorks weaves the responsibility to our environment into everything we do. OLED lighting, a new green source that just keeps getting greener.

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