Pure. Natural. Authentic. These are how designers and specifiers describe OLED light quality. There is something about the light.


  • Brite 3

    The latest generation of our OLED light technology.

  • Wave (OUT OF STOCK)

    All the benefits of Brite 3 but paper-thin and flexible.

  • Amber

    Free of blue wavelengths, compatible with natural sleep patterns.

  • Drivers

    Enabling future proof OLED technology.

Pure. Natural. Authentic.

The LumiBlade Brite 3 Family offers our ultra-thin, organic, sustainable, efficient lighting in square, rectangle and round panels, and the LumiCurve Wave Family offers the same superior performance in flexible form.

We also work with customers to develop novel solutions such as our Amber OLED lighting panels. OLEDWorks continues to explore product options that are stimulated by market interest including additional white color temperature options or even monochromatic panels for niche applications.

Currently, product sizes are up to 240mm, but larger sizes are on the horizon. In addition, we offer mirror or opaque surfaces and several choices for finishing.

Explore our products. Design freely. Create passionately.

Brite 3

Available: 3000k + 4000k

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Available: 3000k + 4000k

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